if not now, when?

Mechanics Hall is the prominent landmark of East Princeton with a rich history. By any standard, Mechanics Hall is a historically significant building but it is threatened by deterioration due to inadequate maintenance.

Our goal is to turn this situation around through hands-on involvement and activism.

The Friends of Mechanics Hall, Incorporated is a non-profit, volunteer organization in Princeton, MA.  We are motivated residents of the East Princeton neighborhood, as well as others from all parts of Princeton, dedicated to saving our Mechanics Hall.

Our objective is to restore Mechanics Hall from an abandoned state to a well-used community center with the possibility of rental space. We wish to preserve/restore the outside as is and modify the inside to accommodate our objectives in an historically sensitive manner. We have studied the building and now wish to come up with a plan to thoughtfully restore the building, step by step and to group work together in order to more effectively raise funds. Our focus is to come up with a 5-year plan, raise the money and begin work.

Many of the photographs on this website were provided by Friends of Mechanics Hall. We are particularly grateful to:  Keith Chenot, Mark Fiandaca and Judy Tyler. 

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